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Please take note…..change does not happen in one day!  However, Piel Acne Skin Clinic definitely changed my skin and my life pretty quickly for the better!  I am a definitely satisfied customer who will continue this regimen until I am told it’s no longer needed.


I am so happy to finally I found this clinic…I found this clinic on Yelp when I saw amazing reviews so I decided to book an appointment…I am 29 years old and when I was younger I always had acne but maybe 3-4 new acne in a week…but unfortunately, recently I had stress in my job and my face was full of acne-red acne…I was nervous and I saw a Dr. and he gave me pills and gels but It doesn’t affect, so I decided to try this clinic…it was amazing …I want to thank Sylvia. Sylvia was a professional and very nice person… I had 3 treatment and she gave me 3 gels for my skin…she told me after 3 months, your skin become better…Now 3 months is finished and my acne is disappearing…I don’t have new acne maybe 1 or 2 in 2-3 weeks… Also, she gave me vitamin A for cleaning brown spot… I’m so happy to choose this clinic ..I had excellent experience and I want to continue my treatment with Sylvia…


I want to start by saying that everyone is absolutely friendly, I’ve met the owner and she’s an amazing person. The staff is the best they have not only helped me improve the way my skin looks in such a small amount of time but they’ve also helped me understand that everything I do in my life can affect the way my skin looks. They’ve helped improve my diet, my lifestyle now everything I do is to improve the look on my skin. And the girls there are really cordial they don’t treat you like another customer, they make you feel like you’re the only one that matters they, also they always checking on you asking you how’s your treatment going. This is what makes you feel great that everything your doing is for your one good. Trust me guys if you go here for any skin problem they will find the perfect, a unique way for you to reach the goal of having a perfect, and clear SKIN.


Just remembering that it’s been years for me trying so many ways of dealing with acne and many different hands to work on my face try to make it clear. For a while, indeed I got my acne decreasing in its quantity, But eventually, it’s just coming back over and over again. Seriously, it seemed to be no more than an endless suck story.




We warmly welcome you to PIEL. We want you to enjoy our clean, cozy, relaxing atmosphere and personalized treatments performed by our highly skilled estheticians personally trained by New York Licensed esthetician, Ms. Sylvia Cancio

Our main focus is Acne, Hyperpigmentation, and Anti-Aging. Our goal is to deliver the desired results in a non-invasive manner through the use of superior professional products and advanced treatment protocols.

Please drop by for a visit.

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Healthy Life with best Anti-Aging Skin Care Practice

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When you look at your old photograph may be ten years back from the present, you are not the same one. But you must see some people who remain the same as they were in the old days. Time just stops for some people. It is not always miracles fallen on them. Look at their lifestyle and routine life. Having the best anti-aging skin care is a wish which comes in mind eventually.  In the market, there are lots of products on anti-aging skin care. However, both women and men ages 34 and up are advised to incorporate appropriate cream or lotions and potions for 7days or even 4 months regularly. Without maintaining routine in your daily life all efforts can go in vain.  The best anti-aging skin care can only ensure when you find the best products are available. Moisturizer is one of the most important elements for skincare. If you are not enough aware of taking foods and habits, you can lose your natural beauty and eventually wrinkles in your face.

source: http://easyherbaltips.com/healthy-life-with-best-anti-aging-skin-care-practice/


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