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It's a hidden gem, right by the Grand Ave subway station. With very knowledgeable staff. I trust them with my face because they know what they're doing. Since I've started going a few months ago, my face has been glowing and I've been getting a lot of compliments. The products they recommended, I now use daily and has cleared up my face! I go once a month for my peel and analysis. In the pictures they take, you can def see the improvement. So excited! can't wait to see how my face will look in a couple of months 😀

Joy F.Manhattan, NY

I am so happy to finally I found this clinic...I found this clinic on Yelp when I saw amazing reviews so I decided to book an appointment...I am 29 years old and when I was younger I always had acne but maybe 3-4 new acne in a week...but unfortunately, recently I had stress in my job and my face was full of acne-red acne...I was nervous and I saw a Dr. and he gave me pills and gels but It doesn't affect, so I decided to try this clinic...it was amazing ...I want to thank Sylvia. Sylvia was a professional and a very nice person... I had 3 treatment and she gave me 3 gels for my skin...she told me after 3 months, your skin become better...Now 3 months is finished and my acne is disappeared...I don't have new acne maybe 1 or 2 in 2-3 weeks. Also, she gave me vitamin A for cleaning brown spots..I'm so happy to choose this clinic ..I had excellent experience and I want to continue my treatment with Sylvia...

Hasti T.Hicksville, NY

I decided to wait a while before writing a review for this clinic. To start off I went here with extremely bad acne on my cheeks and scars not to mention. They were very inflamed, they hurt, were big, and I wasn't myself anymore. I would go every two weeks to get extractions and a soft peel. I can say in about two and a half months my cheeks no longer have acne and the scars are not as red (they have begun fading as well) as they used to be. If you have acne I would totally recommend visiting them. You will feel comfortable here. I would say the best part is that its a small location and whenever I have an appointment with them I go without makeup and most of the time there is no one waiting so I don't have to worry about covering or being self-conscious when I walk in. A very good clinic and worth every penny.

Melissa T.Bronx, NY

Since 2016 I've been a Piel's Baby
I'm here to encouraging you to come and try the acne treatment it's pricey but it's worth it. I was diagnosed with PCOS try to search that so you have knowledge what was going on for those who are suffering from PCOS and my problem was acne from hormonal imbalance so one month my face was good and 3-4 months my face SUFFERING FROM ACNE So I tried to come during my treatments I'm always following the procedure and after 90days all my acne was gone and take note I have no trace of acne marks and no crater skin from acne believe me I was desperate at that time and THANK GOD I found them.

Jeanine S.Queens, NY

Please take note.....change does not happen in one day! However, Piel Acne Skin Clinic definitely changed my skin and my life pretty quickly for the better! I am a definitely satisfied customer who will continue this regimen until I am told it's no longer needed.
A few recommendations:
Staff: I recommend Marcia. She has been such a sweet and great technician! (Sylvia, the owner, is also just as sweet. The entire staff is thorough and educates you on your skin.)
Routine: Stick with it and be patient!

Stephanie W.Brooklyn, NY